65 – how did that happen?


‘Beware the ides of March’

(Julius Caesar- Shakespeare)


65 today! How did that happen? It only seems five minutes ago that I was 15!

What a week it’s been, starting with Monday 9th 2020 not only launching The Coal Miner’s Son but celebrating the third anniversary of House of Grace.

Monday also gave me my first ‘Chindi Author of the Week’ and first ‘Online book launch’ via Facebook – that was fun – I haven’t forgotten about listing the prizes, winners, and links to guests websites  – just waiting for things to quieten down a little.


Tuesday I should have been attending my first London Book Fair and a Writers’ Summit in London. That was cancelled and although disappointed I was relieved of a day’s break.
IMG_5703 (002)

Wednesday was our Silver Wedding Anniversary and what a wonderful evening we had at a local Indian restaurant celebrating with friends.


Thursday –  I had a ‘Meet the Author’ event with Crawley College Book Club. It was the first time they’d done this and it was made even more fun when the lecturer for Media Studies contacted me to see if I would do a video interview with his media students following the event. That was good fun and the young people were lovely and professional. I will be given access to the video interview once edited and I will be able to share with you. So watch this space.

Friday – I was up in town at Waterloo in the 1901 club for an informal piano concert/dinner and this was fabulous to reunite with old piano friends from Procorda in Suffolk along with finally meeting one of my fans Chris Jackson.


Saturday – I was playing catch up with work and then of course today is my big day 65 and because I am so exhausted it is a quiet day – celebrations will happen later on in the year.

Watch this space for links to all my blog posts on fellow Chindi authors and supporting authors websites. These will go up next week.

In the meantime if you’d like to catch my final day of Publishing Week and ‘Chindi Author of the Week’ you can find me on Julia Firlotte’s blog discussing ‘Romance in a Family Saga’.
Here are the links to the books in case you would like to order one.
Both books available in Kindle format and paperback.
Signed paperbacks also available directly from me. Contact here for further details.

Chindi Author of the Week

Patricia M Osborne Poet_Author (5)

I mentioned on Monday that I am Author of the Week for Chindi which was perfect timing with the publication of The Coal Miner’s Son.

Today I am on Carol Thomas’s, a fellow Chindi Author, website talking about characters.

Who is your favourite character in House of Grace or The Coal Miner’s Son? Do let me know.

In the meantime, why not pop over to Carol’s website and check out the blog.

Publication date 9th March 2020 (1)

Click here.

Chindi Author of the Week


Today I am on the blog of fellow Chindi Author, Lexi Lees, to celebrate me being ‘Chindi Author of the Week’ but also to celebrate the launch of ‘The Coal Miner’s Son.’

Because Lexi and I write in different genres she chose ‘Research’ as a subject for me to talk about in relation to my writing. If you’d like to read the blog then pop over to Lexi’s website here. I hope you enjoy it.



Publication day has arrived


Publication day has finally arrived for The Coal Miner’s Son, but you know what, I’m feeling a little flat. What was I expecting this morning? Fireworks or what? I’m not sure. All I know is that the run up to this day has been hectic with book signing, packing them up and posting, and lots of marketing.

However, the sun is shining and life looks good. Five years ago today at this time I was alone in a Bucharest hospital waiting for my husband to arrive and waiting for an operation on my broken hip. A lot has changed in those five years and that includes me, I am no longer the same person.

Although today feels flat I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in publishing two books that readers seem to love and wish that my late mum and sister were both here to share this  moment with me.

So away with the gloom and let’s embrace The Coal Miner’s Son starting with fizz this evening and an online launch party on Facebook. Hope as many of you as possible can be here.

Here’s a candle for Mum and Heather


and a glass of sparkly to toast The Coal Miner’s Son‘s arrival.



9th March 2020

Watch out throughout the day for links to blogs where I talk about my writing.

The day is almost here…


So exciting. Tomorrow is publication day for The Coal Miner’s Son. It’s finally arrived after all the months, years in fact, of waiting. Watch this space over the next week as I shall be placing lots of links to blogs with interviews and articles on my writing, in particular, The Coal Miner’s Son.

Thank you for being great followers and supporting me through all this.

Launch Party 9th March 2020 7-9pm (1)

Don’t forget if you’re on Facebook, I’m having an online launch tomorrow evening at 7pm – 9:15pm. Click the link HERE or if you have any problems send me your Facebook details and I’ll send you over an invite. Great fun will be had all round with lots of prize draw questions, some about the sixties which seems  appropriate as we’re stepping back to the sixties with The Coal Miner’s Son.

In case you need them, please find links below for both books  – NOTE: House of Grace is on special offer with a Kindle countdown at 99p/99c – to celebrate the third anniversary of publication as well as the launch of The Coal Miner’s Son.

See you tomorrow!!!

House of Grace

The Coal Miner’s Son